Diamond Work

Arm Robin Rose Tattoo
Arm Card Rose Hat Tattoo
Lower Back Rose Cover Up Tattoo

Trudy Williams

"Your a star. I love it. X"

Foot Pokeballs Tattoo
Arm Jolteon Pokemon Tattoo

Liam Otacon Warren

"Thanks Jack Davidson"

Arm Superman Portrait Tattoo
Arm Dr Freeze Tattoo
Ribs Express Yourself Branch Flowers Tattoo
Wrist Triangle Rose Tattoo

Sally Bufton

"My first tattoo! 💉 🌹Thank you Jack Davidson you are brilliant! And of course I'm extremely happy with it!☺"

Shoulder Pink Roses Tattoo
Leg Creature Club Tattoo
Ear Head Dagger Skull Tattoo

Mark Leverton

"Big thanks to Jack Davidson for the behind the ear artwork. Amazing detail and zero pain."

Arm Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Dannii Patrisha Griffiths

"Thank you!"

Arm Globe Leaves Tattoo
Arm Flower Wings Tattoo

Tarly While

"Think it's pretty fair to say I'm over the bloody moon with this piece!"

Arm Peony Tattoo
Arm Dragonfly Tattoo
Arm Matching Roses Tattoos
Hand Rose Tattoo
Gollywog Rose Cover Up
Leg Goku Tattoo

Scott Jamieson

"couldnt be happier mate looks boss thanks again :)"

Arm Roses Nightmare Sleeve Tattoo
Arm Flowers Stopwatch Cover Up
Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Tattoo
Leg Sugar Skull Tattoo
Arm Roses Tattoo
Eye Filigree Face Tattoo
Arm Wold Tattoo
Trash Polka Sleeve
Leg Totoro Tattoo
Shoulder Warhammer Tattoo
Chest Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

Nicola Kinson

"Top bloke. Top work. Thankyou :)"

Leg Skull Roses Tattoo
Deadpool Sleeve Tattoo
Shoulder Rose Skull Tattoo
Shoulder Roses Tattoo
Arm Wolf Tattoo
Arm Roses Tattoo
Leg Purple Flowers Tattoo
Arm Eagle Tattoo
Arm Skull Tattoo

Phil Evans


Shoulder Chameleon Tattoo

Scott Jamieson

"Really happy with it :D"

Arm Snow White Tattoo
Wrist Stopwatch Tattoo

Josh Rees

"sick tattoo, can't wait to get my sleeve finnished! highly recommended!"

Arm Blue Flowers Tattoo

Tarly While

"Absolutely fallen in love with my new piece! All thanks to the very talented Jack Davidson from BodyMods"

Arm Anchor Blue Rose Tattoo
Arm Face Tattoo
Leg Jigglypuff Tattoo

Megan Potts

"Cutie pie totoro! Thank you Jack Davidson!"

Leg Script Tattoo
Arm Ship Tattoo
Chest Pikachu Pokemon Tattoo
Leg Faces Heart Tattoo

Becky Mullen

"He's a wee peach and not only do I get noice ink and get at mates rates top geezer"

Shoulder Blue Roses Cover Up
Head Ear Teacup Tattoo

Richy Amphlett

"Had this little tea cup done today by Jack Davidson in honour of my nan . Thank's Bro means a lot"

Arm Rose Piano Tattoo
Arm Name Tattoo
Leg Flower Candle Tattoo
Shoulder Skull Tattoo
Arm Eternal Knot Tattoo
Ribs Typewriter Tattoo
Shoulder White Ink Bird Tattoo
Hand Flower Tattoo

Lesley Hall

"Thankyou so much!"

Ribs Peacock Tattoo
Arm Flower Cover Up
Arm Flowers Tattoo

Lu Kez Pritchard

"Thank u so much! I love it!!!! ♡♡♡ thank u"

Butterfly Tattoo
Leg Portrait Tattoo
Elbow Lotus Tattoo
Lower Back Lillies Tattoo

Cherise Jade

"Highly recommended"

Arm Stitch Tattoo
Shoulder Crow Tattoo
Arm Rose Daisy Tattoo
Arm Lighthouse Tattoo
Ankle Butterfly Tattoo
Leg Roses Tattoo
Hand Skeleton Rib Cage Tattoo
Arms Pumpkin Casper Ghost Tattoo

Marcus Brown

"they came out some much sicker than I thought thankyou dude I love them"

Leg Roses Tattoo
Arm Heart Names Cover Up Tattoo
Arm Rose Candle Tattoo
Leg Roses Tattoo
Hand Snake Tattoo
Hand Feather Tattoo

Cath Mayo-Evans

"Had my first tattoo yesterday at the grand old age of 42. Jimmy was brilliant! I absolutely love the design he did, I'll be in this week to book number 2"

Leg Roses Tattoo
Leg Snake Tattoo
Arm Pin Up Tattoo

Daniel Lovelock

"Very good work excellent service highly recommend"

Leg Pattern Tattoo
Leg Feather Tattoo
Bum Peach Tattoo
Roman Numerals Tattoo
Wrist Heart Bum Tattoo
Leg Roses Stopwatch Tattoo
Arm Roses Faces Tattoo
Head Moon Diamond Tattoo
Face Tattoo

Where to find me

I'm based at Body Mods in Hereford, United Kingdom:
Body Mods, Eign Gate, Hereford, HR4 0AB

If you know the city, the studio is just above Superdrug.

We're open Tuesday to Saturday.

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All about me

I've wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was 8 years old when I went with my uncle for him to get a tattoo. After seeing how interested I was the artist handed me a machine with a pencil instead of a needle and I caught the bug.

After figuring the career would be way to hard to get in to, I worked for a while as a plumber, and a bar manager at a couple of pubs before wanting to get my first tattoo. My first piece was a tiki mask on my calf, done up in Lancashire.

It wasn't long before I wanted another and went into a local studio to ask, I cheekily took in some of my artwork and managed to get an apprenticeship.

After completing a two-year apprenticeship I moved shops and came to work at Body Mods as a fully-fledged tattoo artist. It's my second year at the studio now, and I've just worked my first convention (Tattoo Bash, Wolverhampton).